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    What is Rejuvance?

  Rejuvance technique is a manual method of facial therapy, completely natural, working with the physiology of the body and thus encouraging the face structures to regain their vitality.

  It does not use serums, creams or electricity. It is just a gentle but effective “touch”, that rejuvenates and refreshes the face, while simultaneously providing a total body relaxation and an intense feeling of euphoria, associated with good health. It is a holistic technique because it addresses the body, mind and soul. Rejuvance simultaneously affects these three levels, like any other method of complementary or alternative therapy.

  It can be considered a rejuvenating facial massage, but the word massage does not accurately describe it, because Rejuvance moves are gentle and soft. These specific, tender moves are addressing, one by one, all the face soft tissues, superficial or deep, (skin, conjunctive tissue and muscles), restoring the normal flow of the nutrients, dissolving the adhesions and regaining the skin elasticity and muscle tonus.

    Why do we need Rejuvance?

  Did it ever happened to you to watch your face in a mirror you just passed by and get surprised by the image you don’t recognize?

  We try to relax our face muscles and get rid of that upsetting image, but we will encounter the same experience when, for instance, we’ll find ourselves immortalized in an instant photo.

  We might have a strong personality, or an upright character, an optimistic and loving nature, a sharp mind and a positive thinking, but have you noticed that after a certain age, the features of our faces are not expressing whom we really are inside?

  Superficial or not, we are generally branded according to our facial expression. Besides our concern for an harmonious body and proper outfits, we are for sure concerned about the changes time brings on our faces.

    Do you believe that only the gravity makes its effect perceived?

  Well, there are many other reasons, which often we don’t pay attention to, which have a great contribution to the transformations we can only observe.

  The truth is that all our feelings and especially our worries, fears, angers, disappointments and failures that we kept for a long time in our souls, will imprint on our faces. The face muscles (named “expression muscles”), are inserted on the deep layers of the skin and are responsible, as their name is stating, for the expression of our face.

   After a while, an expression that we kept for a long time will imprint like a pattern, creating adhesions between the muscles and conjunctive tissue, blocking the free circulation of the nutrients and so, very soon, the wrinkles will be formed.   

    This site is addressed to those who are not ready to accept the disadvantages, risks and adverse reactions of the face lifting surgery, or the injections with different substances. We are presenting you here a natural method, completely non invasive and extremely efficient for regaining a fresh and youthful look of the face:

Rejuvance – The natural method of face lift!

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